Looking out over the bay at one of my projects

Looking out over the bay at one of my projects

Through the course of my professional life, I have developed a diverse skill-base and well-rounded experience that provides a seasoned perspective on the challenges and opportunities for both individuals and organizations.  

Whether working closely with travelers planning their greatest adventure, analyzing the potential value of a for-profit venture, supporting a strategic transition within an organization, managing a cross-functional team or developing relationships with stakeholders, I am a creative team player that delivers results.  

My range of experience across industries includes: 

Business Consulting

Is your great idea worth the risk? Are you stalled in the middle of implementation? Has your growth curve not met your expectations? Let's work together on Business Start Up, Brand Development & Positioning, Client Relationship Management, Marketing & Communications, Enterprise Feasibility & Business Planning, Risk Identification & Management, Applied Research & Evidence-based Strategic Planning. Let's figure out the cause and identify the steps required to move you forward.  

Coaching & Mentoring

To me, this is a critical activity across all my services, but I truly enjoy coaching young to mid-career professionals and working with young people making decisions regarding their educational or professional futures. Let's drill down and identify what you want, what you need, where you want to go, and how best to get there.

Facilitation & Stakeholder Engagement

Not one of us is truly in this alone. Your teams, your clients, and your community all share a roll in directing the course of your best actions. Either working together or as a third-party independent, I can help you engage with your most important audiences, bringing them on board or mining their perspectives to inform the best next steps for you and your projects. The human side of the equation can at times be the most challenging, so let's approach it together via Team Development, Facilitation, Organizational Development & Change Management.