Are you feeling stuck? Has business stalled? Do you have decisions to make?

I can help you identify the challenges, address the issues, and re-envision your professional and personal future. 

My Experience

With a 25-year track record working across a variety of industries and countries, I have developed a good ear and eye for the details that will make a difference to your organization's performance, and your sense of well-being. From mentoring young professionals to optimizing income generation, I provide a customized approach to address the most specific and critical issues in order to help you move forward.

Why Me?

Dig in. The work to move through transitions or challenges requires bravery, trust and reinvention. I've been there personally, and as a consultant I have helped many work through the crunch, too.  Learn more about my approach to business and life, and the success stories of others who have chosen to work together with me. Good guidance helps me steer my ship, let me help you guide yours.

Are my services right for you?